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DeVotchKa live at The Music Box in Hollywood

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The show was actually Hands, Mariachi El Bronx, and DeVotchKa. I was there shortly after 8. I was alone, the person I was supposed to go with made no attempt to show up. I’m thinking about ending our friendship. I got in line. I was surprised, there wasn’t a specific type of people that like DeVotchKa. I expected hipsters. Didn’t get too many. A lady in line was checking IDs and handing out alcohol wristbands. When she walked by me I just kind of looked at her. She smirked. I got frisked by a bouncer and went inside. There was a dance floor, the stage was about 4 feet tall and I was maybe 10 feet away from it. Good angle for a view. There was a DJ booth in the wall on my left. They were playing good stuff. One particular song caught my attention because it was the best song I’ve heard in a really long time. It was an Indie Rock song with the Afropop influenced sound like Vampire Weekend or Two Door Cinema Club but wasn’t either of them. I’m gonna die if I don’t find that song some time.

So I’m just on the floor alone, texting and waiting. Eventually the curtains went up and Hands was on stage. I looked them up prior to the show. Not even has heard of them. I couldn’t find them on youtube. No wikipedia article. But I really do hope they hit it big. Opening for DeVotchKa is probably a good way to start. The frontman was a bit awkward with his opening speech but once they got into the music, I was REALLY impressed. They’re a traditional Indie Rock line up. Frontman on keyboard and vocals, guitarist, bass guitarist, and the drummer. They’re also a traditional Indie Rock band, very typical upbeat sound, falsetto singer, complex bass lines, etc. They played about 7 songs and left. I do hope to hear more from them, it was great.

The curtains went down for a good bit of time. When they came back up the entire stage was set up differently. White men in Spanish suits come on stage, pick up their instruments, and without a word start playing mariachi. For someone who had never heard of the band it might have been bizarre. The Bronx is actually a Punk band but their latest album was Mariachi music and they do that genre better than they do Punk. They were the worst of the three bands, however, but I’m glad I got the chance to see them, they were good. Mariachi tends to sound pretty similar, maybe because I listen to so little of it. My favorite thing about them was probably the violin player, who was CLEARLY a virtuoso. His hands were just unbelievably fast, he never went out of tune, and his bows were all accurate. He really did put DeVotchKa’s violinist to shame.

So after El Bronx was done, the curtains went down again for a long time. And then they came up again and the stage was set up for DeVotchKa and they all came out. They opened with a song I had heard but couldn’t name. Thinking back I probably should have taken notes on all the songs they played. It was a REALLY long setlist and I couldn’t possibly remember all of them. Songs they did included We’re Leaving, How It Ends, Queen of the Surface Streets, Transliterator, The Clockwise Witness, and many more. My favorite song by them is Basso Profundo and I was so happy when they played. I saw it coming. Nick was drinking out of a wine bottle and Shawn was just setting the tempo. Jeanie had the tuba, which was a big hint, and Shawn nodded his head to suggest the tempo and when I saw it I was like oh my God, Basso Profundo is coming. Sure enough, it happened. The crowd didn’t really get into it as much as they did some of the other songs. It’s definitely not one of their more popular songs. But I loved it. At one point the Slavic Sisters came out. Not really sure how to describe what they do. They climb up curtains and dance in the air. They’re really cool. It was a bit circus-y but very fitting for the band. Nick’s voice sounds as good live as it does in the studio. Jeanie is really a professional on the tuba and Tom made me want to play the accordion even more than I already do. Tom on violin isn’t as good as he is on the accordion though. Shawn, the drummer, also does the trumpet, which I had no idea about. I’m always amazed by multi-instrumentalists, I aspire to be one myself. I really had a good time, even alone. They ended their set and the crowd clapped until Nick and Tom came back on stage and did a cover of Neil Young’s Only Love Can Break Your Heart on guitar and accordion. I didn’t even remember that I wanted them to do Such a Lovely Thing and they hadn’t done it until the rest of the band came back onstage after the cover and they got into it. And. It was BY FAR the best song of the night. It’s my second favorite song by them and they turned it into this 10 minute epic with solos on every instrument, a reggae interlude that they had the crowd sing along on, Nick using the neck of his guitar while he was playing it to play his theremin. It looked like it took ridiculous coordination and he did it with ease. He also played a guitar solo where he used a WINE BOTTLE on the frets to finish the whole thing. It was mind blowing. And as a coda, they finished with You Love Me. Best encore ever.

I saw Vampire Weekend as my first ever concert. This was my second. I’m gonna say Vampire Weekend was better but I’m biased. Overall DeVotchKa put on a much better show, I just like Vampire Weekend better (and it was so small I got to meet the whole band). If every concert is as great as these two have been though, I’m definitely gonna become a concert junkie. I can’t wait for the next one.



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Notice how I’ve reviewed 22 Rock albums and just about every other genre has 2-4 reviews? I really hate that but I just listen to Rock more than anything since there’s so much variety within the genre and it’s so much easier to find. I’d also argue that there just is more Rock than there is any other genre. Anyway, I’m thinking about changing how I organize the categories so that the numbers aren’t so lopsided but it’s still easy for people to find the type of music they want. Any ideas? Leave some comments.

Activity and comments

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Hey all. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who’s been continually checking this thing I’m doing. Yesterday I had my most views ever in a single day, 117. That beats February 3rd by one view. My average for the past two weeks is probably around 65-70 views a day. So I’m slowly going up on traffic and I’m really glad to see that. One thing I’ve noticed though is that as my activity goes up, the number of comments on my posts has been going down. I really love hearing what everyone has to say about the blog so I’d just REALLY appreciate if you left a comment every now and then. It’s nothing drastic or anything, I don’t need a comment on every single thing I post to have some level of fulfillment but for stuff like that Valentine’s Day playlist, I intentionally leave the track list out of the post to surprise people and I love knowing how they react to it. If there’s an album you hadn’t heard of but really liked, lemme know. If there’s a genre you want a recommendation for and I haven’t posted something from it in a while or just not at all, ask and ye shall receive. Stuff like that.

But really, thanks for reading and I hope you’ll keep coming back. I’m enjoying this. Hope you are too.


Valentine’s Day 12-song mixtape

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This one’s not as big as the Christmas mixtape because it has a much more specific theme. Enjoy. I’ll definitely put another great album tomorrow.



Honey, I’m Home!

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That’s right, I just picked up my Mac. I’m really glad to be back, I missed listening to new music and writing these album reviews. I’ll try to have one up within 24 hours. I would say tonight but I just have a lot of personalization to get done on this thing and programs to install, plus homework and other lame stuff. But yeah, I’m back.


Be back soon

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Hi all. School is going well. Unfortunately for me, they were out of Macs when I went to check and I’m on a waiting list. I’m second on the list but I need to wait for people to return Macs they don’t want for me to get one. Which means I don’t have a date but the guys who work in the program’s office tell me it won’t be long. I was third on the list and am now second. So it’s moving, at least. Just a little bit longer. In the meantime, I suggest listening to Farmers Market’s self-titled album. It’s Norwegian Jazz with so many influences from other genres (the biggest being Balkan Folk, if that explains why I like) that it’s barely Jazz. Good look finding it though -_- I had to buy it on iTunes. Heinous right? When I’m back I’ll convert and upload that for you. Thanks for sticking with me.


Well then…

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This is it. Heading off to start school. Until I get a laptop there DEFINITELY won’t be any new posts but it hopefully won’t take me too long to get one. I’m sure I’ll have a big drop in readers by the time I get back but I’d really appreciate everyone who checks back once in a while to see if I’m back yet. I’ll try to post updates on my iPod. Hoping to have the laptop (it’s gonna have to be a Mac. Gross) within two weeks but I didn’t send in some forms that I should have sent in to have that ready by the time I got to the school so I’m really just taking shots in the dark. I’ll probably go have a chat with the laptop people on Friday. Thanks, everybody.