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The Glitch Mob – Drink the Sea

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Electronic; 2010


Another album almost entirely full of instrumental productions (the exception being Between Two Points) but very different from Ratatat or Anamanaguchi (Well maybe We Swarm isn’t THAT different from Ratatat). These ones are heavy and hard hitting. Animus Vox starts with a dry bass line, before kicking into a COMPLETELY drum-driven beat that’s simultaneously tribal and futuristic. The 3 members of the group are all DJs, which makes a lot of sense. The band’s sound has dubstep influence and unlike a lot of producers in the same genre (again, Ratatat or Anamanaguchi) their music is slightly more dance-oriented. Each track is infinitely more complex than a simple dance tune though. These guys aren’t just DJs, they can compose like beasts. The songs average slightly under 6 minutes each. They all follow a bit of a pattern of progressive crescendo and decrescendo, starting off quiet and epic and then getting loud and epic and then getting quiet and epic but remaining epic without fail.

Haven’t done a short review in a bit so I’ll end there. Sorry about the long break in between my last post and this. It’s been a long week. I’m gonna see DeVotchKa play tonight in Hollywood. Maybe I’ll do a concert review.

1. Animus Vox
2. Bad Wings
3. How to Be Eaten By a Woman
4. A Dream Within a Dream
5. Fistful of Silence
6. Between Two Points feat. Swan
7. We Swarm
8. Drive It Like You Stole It
9. Fortune Days
10. Starve the Ego, Feed the Soul

Stand-out tracks:
We Swarm
How to Be Eaten by a Woman
Fortune Days


Ratatat – Classics

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Electronic; 2006


So I was listening to this again and I was on Montanita and I was like woah this is awesome, I’m so making this a stand-out track. Then I got to Lex and I was like woah this is awesome, I’m so making this a stand-out track. Then I was on Gettysburg and I was like woah this is awesome, I’m so making this a stand-out track. Once I hit Wildcat and I had the exact same thought again, I realized I had a problem.

Ratatat are like super happy, melodic, Electronic stuff. Like Anamanaguchi, part of why they stand out is their mix of programming and live instruments to make their music. The guitar is a lot more driving in this album whereas with Dawn Metropolis it was more of a rhythm thing.

I’m trying to keep this review short since the one for Scum was so long and there’s not too much to say about this anyway. It’s just happy instrumental stuff. This album would appeal to just about anybody who’s into Pop or Indie Rock or any form of soft Rock.

1. Montanita
2. Lex
3. Gettysburg
4. Wildcat
5. Tropicana
6. Loud Pipes
7. Kennedy
8. Swisha
9. Nostrand
10. Tacobel Canon

Stand-out tracks:
Loud Pipes


Anamanaguchi – Dawn Metropolis

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Chiptune; 2009


This is basically music you’d hear on an SNES game except not asĀ repetitiveĀ and a little more fleshed-out. I probably can’t name more than three bands that play this sort of music but I’ve read that this one is unique for using live instrumentation (they have real guitarists and a real drummer) along with the hacked NES and Gameboy they use to make the stuff. They’ve said that their inspiration is more from Pop like Weezer than it is from video game music. I hear the Weezer, but I hear the video game music more. I’m OK with that.

Trying to listen to this without smiling is a task, it’s very loud and very happy and… exciting. There’s actually a video track to go along with the album that you can find on Youtube about a guy on an epic adventure. The music is appropriate. Lots of moments on the album sort of just build up to these big, amazing moments of like… chaotic, glorious, 8-bit noise. The entire album feels like it builds up to the final track, Mermaid, which is just a brilliant 8 minutes.

1. Blackout City
2. Jetpack Blues, Sunset Hues
3. Dawn Metropolis
4. Danger Moutain
5. Overarrow
6. Tempest, Teamwork, Triumph (At Sea)
7. Mermaid

Stand-out tracks:
Blackout City
Tempest, Teamwork, Triumph


The Very Best – Warm Heart of Africa

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Electronic/Malawian; 2009


The title track of this album features a very appropriate appearance from Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend. Vampire Weekend are known for playing Western Indie music that’s influenced by the music of Southern Africa. The Very Best are known for playing music of southern Africa that’s influenced by Western Indie music. It sounds great both ways.

I grew up in Swaziland, Africa, which is surrounded by South Africa and Mozambique. I miss it like crazy so music that reminds me of it always makes me happy. (hence, Vampire Weekend is my favorite band and Graceland is the best album of the 80’s imo.) Most of this album is in Malawian, so I hope you don’t like lyrics too much, you won’t be understanding them. I think it’s safe to say they’re very optimistic though, based on the music. (Well maybe not THAT safe… listen to Best Friend by The Drums) This album has happy Electronic Indie music, dance tunes with pumping beats, and traditional folk tunes with minimal instrumentation. All three are good though, being the huge Indie fan that I am, I like the upbeat tunes the best.

1. Yalira
2. Chalo
3. Warm Heart of Africa feat. Ezra Koenig
4. Mwazi
5. Nsokoto
6. Angonde
7. Julia
8. Mfumu
9. Ntende Uli
10. Rain Dance feat. M.I.A.
11. Kamphopo
12. Kada Manja
13. Zam’dziko

Stand-out tracks:
Warm Heart of Africa
Kada Manja