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Good-bye for now

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It’s been over a year since I started this blog and I have almost 100 albums posted. When I started this blog I had just moved to Texas, and I wasn’t doing anything with my life except working a retail job and watching Dragon Ball Z in its entirety. Music kept me alive. I didn’t know anybody in Texas and I didn’t really have any ways to meet anyone. I wasn’t a big fan of the few people my age that I did meet. So I was lonely. I spent most of my time on the computer when I wasn’t working and when I was on the computer I was always listening to music and finding new music to download. The situation I was in was perfect for starting this blog. Music connected with me, and I wanted to share the feeling I got from certain bands, albums, songs, with whoever cared enough to read what I wrote.

I eventually got into APU and started in January. Last semester I had more free time so I was able to post about once a week at least. This semester is ridiculous. I’m SOOO busy. I’m making a point of having an easier semester next year. I’m taking 19 units right now, (9 classes) working a tech support job, playing more difficult solo piano pieces than I’ve ever played before, accompanying for our school’s Men’s Chorale (man choir), accompanying for other students, trying to find a girl to date cuz the last one ended badly, and so on. At the same time, I’m less lonely. I don’t need to write a post to have someone listen to something I’m listening to. I can just talk to them about it. I don’t need to occupy myself with faux-responsibilities on the internet I make to distract myself and spend my time pretending to be productive. I enjoyed making these posts once, now it’s more like I see the bookmark in my bookmarks bar and think “Dang, I haven’t posted in over 3 weeks, I should get to that, as much as I don’t want to.” It’s not fun anymore. So I’m ending it for now. I imagine I have enough stuff on here that anybody would’ve never heard of for anybody to stay busy with for a while. If you want music recommendations for a specific genre, I’ll still be around. Comment on a post or e-mail me at I’ll get it. But for now, I’m done posting. Maybe in the future I’ll need to start doing this again. Maybe over breaks I can put up a thing or two if I’m really psyched about an album I’m listening to. But good-bye for now.

NEW BUSDRIVER SINGLE – No Blacks, No Jews No Asians

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As a total copout for actually writing a new album post, which I still can’t find time for (you should see my schedule, it’s hell), I’m supplying you with the new Busdriver single. This, of course, implies that he has a new album on the way. As of now it’s titledĀ “Beaus$Eros” and slated for a late February release. I’ve only listened to the song once but it sounds like Busdriver is as on as ever. The beat hits hard and each verse is still blazingly fast, it’ll take several listens at least to catch all the lyrics and then an undefined larger number to understand what the frik he’s talking about. Enjoy.