Howards Alias – The Chameleon Script

 Ska Punk; 2002


I’ve been aware of this one for a while. It’s hard-hitting, fast Punk with heavy trumpet riffs that’ll have you banging your head REAL low. It’s lyrics you can (or I can at least) connect with in just about every song. They formed in 1999, as part of an underground UK scene that I’ve heard a couple other bands from and they’re always good. Always. They went until 2008, this is their debut album. I actually haven’t listened to their newer three albums, but I think I heard excerpts from the second and didn’t like it as much. Anyway, this is mind-blowing stuff. The album opens with Rob Wants You Dead, one of my favorites on the album, but every song is high-quality. This isn’t an album where the first three tracks are best then it falls off. In fact, the last two are two of my favorites as well, and with songs like You and The Anti-Life somewhere in between, this is one of the easiest albums I know of to listen to all in one go.

Ska Punk is a genre that I can say I’ve never heard a bad band in. And among all those good bands, Howards Alias really does stand out. Like all Ska Punk, this album is about the riffs. Listen to what the trumpets do in each song. It’s simple but always entertaining.

1. Rob Wants You Dead
2. The Temptress Tales
3. Exile
4. Head-Up
5. The Anti-Life
6. One Wish
7. Last Lung
8. You
9. Doreen
10. Abrade
11. One to One

Stand-out tracks:
Rob Wants You Dead
One to One


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