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Pierre-Laurent Aimard – György Ligeti Edition 3: Works for Piano (Etudes, Musica Ricercata)

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 Classical; 1997


As with any Classical album, the pieces were written a while ago and the recordings probably took place over several years. It was just released in 1997. Ligeti is more well known for scoring several Stanley Kubrick movies, most notably, 2001: A Space Odyssey. He wrote Classical too including the first two books of Etudes and the Musica Ricercata pieces included in this section of Aimard’s near complete recording of Ligeti’s keyboard works. (Ligeti continued to write for piano up until 2001 so more pieces were made after this recording was released, it’s possible and likely that Aimard recorded new pieces after they came out but I’m not sure)

They’re avant-garde and experiment in different aspects. These are pieces that examine the science of music. The 11 pieces in Musica Ricercata for instance begin with a first movement where the composer uses only two different “pitch classes” (all the notes on the keyboard with the same name, so in this case he’s allowed every A on the keyboard, of which there’s probably 7 or 8, I’d have to count next time I’m sitting at one), A and D. In the next piece he allows himself 3 pitch classes, E#, F#, and G this time. Only by the final piece is he allotted every single note on the keyboard. The etudes aren’t nearly so confining but they do have parameters assigned to them. L’escalier du diable (The Devil’s Staircase) is constantly moving upwards. In Desordre (Disorder, obviously) the right hand only plays white keys and the left hand only plays black keys.  Even with each piece being a very different and very interesting experiment, Ligeti’s signature sound is present. I can’t give you the theory of it, I’m not that knowledgeable, but in listening to the other pieces I hear a lot of similarities to The Devil’s Staircase, which is the piece on the album I listen to the most.

As always with Classical, it’d be far too tedious to type up an accurate track list.

Stand-out tracks:
L’escalier du diable
Der Zauberlehrling


Tyler, the Creator – Goblin

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 Hip-Hop; 2011


Trying the shorter review thing.

Tyler’s always talking about the bloggers he hates so much so I had to take the chance to become one of them. I’m not gonna call him Horrorcore though, he’s too self-aware. For a song like Goblin, I can connect on a personal level because of that. He thinks he needs help but his friends think he’s kidding and maybe he’s just being dramatic. He’s not insane but his thoughts are so all over the place that it does feel like he has a personality disorder at times. It’s long for a Hip-Hop album and may be hard to listen to in one go, especially since the middle tracks are weaker than the beginning and end. Yonkers is pretentious although the first line tells you everything you need to know about the song. It’s an exercise in paradoxes and is more clever than most will realize, which is the only thing it tries to do. Tyler is like what Eminem was 11 years ago – edgy and controversial but not that serious and everyone loves it. He won’t get AS big as Eminem did but he’s definitely mainstream. He kills his friends where Eminem killed Kim. He issues a Random Disclaimer where Slim Shady put out a Public Service Announcement both of them appear right before one of the crazier songs each rapper has put out. Adam Hawkins of Blind Idiot God, an instrumental Metal band from the 80’s, said that when he listened to Metal he thought “Great energy but boring chords!” Tyler thinks the same of Hip-Hop and his production is different from most other Hip-Hop, although not at all to the point where he’s gonna earn any credit as a great composer. His rapping is more about word choice than rhymes. You could call him Abstract Hip-Hop with more focused lyrics.

1. Goblin
2. Yonkers
3. Radicals
4. She
5. Transylvania
6. Nightmare
7. Tron Cat
8. Her
9. Sandwitches
10. Fish / Boppin’ Bitch
11. Analog
12. Bitch Suck Dick
13. Window
14. AU79
15. Golden

Stand-out Tracks:


An idea

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I was thinking, I would be a lot quicker in posting albums if I hadn’t set a standard on how much I write per album that I don’t always feel in the mood to meet. My main reason for not posting so often is not knowing how much I can say about whatever it is I’m listening to. So. Should I continue posting like once a week (or slightly less as it’s been a week and a half since the last one) or should I post more often but be less detailed about what I’m posting? I’d probably still write a short paragraph and definitely still leave stand-out tracks but I could post like once every two days or more if I didn’t have to write much for it. Drop a comment.