Cassie – Cassie

R&B; 2006


The opening track and most popular song on this album, Me & U, is a profound commentary that understands on a human level (as opposed to the not so human relationships many singers’ lyrics are about) how relationships between two people with different views on the amount of physical intimacy allowable at certain stages of this relationship are able to play out and how the two compromise because of the love they have for each other.

Just kidding, it’s really about how good she sucks dick. I didn’t realize it was something to be skillful at. You wouldn’t expect it to require much more than competence. You do remember this song right? Everyone had heard it when it came out. With its minimalistic production (done by Ryan Leslie, who’s featured in two of the later songs) and perfect harmonizing. Unfortunately, she kind of disappeared after that single. Not many people heard this album, I’d wager. We can blame Diddy and Bad Boy Records for this. Their signees get almost literally 15 minutes of fame and then fall off and don’t make it to a third album. Did you know she has a new album coming up? Yeah, me either, until I heard Me & U being played on the radio at some store I was in and decided to look her up after I realized I loved the song. I’m listening to it in its entirety for the first time as I’m writing this. It’s got all your modern female R&B/Hip-Hop staples. The ballades. Spelling “you” with a single letter for no apparent reason. The song that’s blatantly about sex even though it’s trying it’s hardest to pretend to be a metaphor about sex. The song where she raps a verse. The song where a featured rapper raps a verse that has nothing to do with what the song is about (also Yung Joc rhymes “ish” with “fish” in it). The autotune song. The Latin influence song. The song that sounds like sunshine and happiness. Every song is produced as minimally as the first, maybe because Ryan Leslie is a crappy musician or maybe because he’s got a brilliant ear. None of these songs sound blank. There is space but there is no emptiness.

Obviously she’s no hugely talented singer. She would be just another Bad Boy signee if Me & U wasn’t so freaking amazing. Her second album is coming out and maybe I’ll be one of the few people to care about it. She’s got a good voice and a good producer. I’m worried about her next album because it won’t have Leslie doing every track. Honestly he makes this album more than she does. Also the bass line he wrote for Miss Your Touch is fantastic. I should listen to more of his production.

1. Me & U
2. Long Way 2 Go
3. About Time
4. Kiss Me feat. Ryan Leslie
5. Call U Out feat. Yung Joc
6. Just One Nite feat. Ryan Leslie
7. Hope You’re Behaving (Interlude)
8. Not With You
9. Ditto
10. What Do U Want
11. Miss Your Touch
12. When Your Body Is Talking
13. Can’t Do It Without You

Stand-out tracks:
Me & U
Just One Nite
Miss Your Touch


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