How would it affect the blog if I just removed the categories altogether? So the numbers don’t matter anymore and I could post anything without remorse. It’d probably make for slightly more frequent posts. Or hopefully at least. Maybe that’s wishful thinking. It’s so hard to find time. I’m looking at Fragile by Yes and Ha by Doseone as my next posts.

7 Responses to “Question”

  1. MadMike91X Says:

    It would make searching for “posts of interest” harder unless you have another way of organizing everything in mind.

  2. “I’m looking at Roundabout by Yes … as my next posts.”

    …the song? By itself?

  3. I’m guessing there is no way of just removing the numbers? At the least is there a way to make an archive of posting dates by month and year. e.g “March 2011” Would have, obviously, your posts for this month. That would make finding old posts easier for the reader.

  4. Alexander McGuinness Says:

    whatever you have to do to post on dose im onboard with. i just started getting into him and would love more

  5. Don’t remove it. As long as you post good music, regardless of genre, it’s hard to care about trivial stuff like that

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