Lou Reed – Metal Machine Music

Noise; 1975


^Now my own upload. The original link I gave was broken, apparently.

According to the allmusic review of this album (the reviewer gave it one star out of five), Lou Reed said “Well, anyone who gets to side four is dumber than I am.” That’s probably because this is over an hour long of NOTHING but random noises from a guitar. This isn’t music, this is pure noise and nothing more. There’s no melodies, no time signatures, no structure, no emotion, etc. Everything that music is made of is totally absent on this album.

“The album made Reed a laughing stock in the rock industry…” according to Wikipedia. I can see why. In case you didn’t know, Lou Reed is the only person in The Velvet Underground whose name is worth knowing.  “The Velvet Underground & Nico” their debut album, is considered one of the first and most influential Avant-garde Rock albums. So yeah, Lou Reed was pretty respected before this. He was already known as experimental but this is going a bit overboard.

Now then. NOT SAYING IT’S BAD! It’s actually really interesting. Good luck getting through the whole thing in one listen without your ears beginning to bleed but if this whole thing could be condensed into less than 5 minutes as a single track on an album where the other songs weren’t as jarring, it would possibly be one of the better tracks on the album. This is good stuff, it’s just too long, too senseless, and too random to be a whole hour+ long album.

Reviewing this album was suggested by Distance Equals Rape Times Crime.

1. Metal Machine Music Part 1
2. Metal Machine Music Part 2
3. Metal Machine Music Part 3
4. Metal Machine Music Part 4

Stand-out tracks:
It’s pretty impossible to differentiate between them.


9 Responses to “Lou Reed – Metal Machine Music”

  1. Distance Equals Rate Times Time Says:

    You…sat through the whole thing?

    :bows down:

  2. It is my job…nay, my duty to listen to this from beginning to end without stopping.

    I may require therapy though.

  3. Listening to it. It’s awesome.

    I have a suggestion for an upload (if you take those). Could you upload an Anthrax album? Please?

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