DeVotchKa – How It Ends

Indie Folk/Gypsy Punk/Post-rock; 2004


Another band on my East-European Folk list, this band from Colorado is actually the first one I found that made any use of that amazing genre of music. Their music is actually a combination of lots of music from around that area, Greek, Romani, Slavic, with Mexican Mariachi  music. The combination works better than anybody would expect, although after really getting into the genres, I’ve realized that they have a lot of similarities. Particularly the way the folk musicians of both areas use brass instruments. Lots of other websites stress the fact that they are Gypsy Punk although I don’t hear it on too many songs. Probably the most punky song on this album would be The Enemy Guns if you wanna hear how the Punk sounds mixed in with all that.

Nick Urata, the band’s frontman, singer, guitarist, and theremin player (along with a couple other instruments they make less frequent use of) has a beautifully sad voice, he’s one of my favorite singers. Most of the tracks are driven by a combination of his guitar and the accordion with a strong percussion backing. Their drummer is more than a drummer, he’s a percussionist. The sousaphone, upright bass, violin, and theremin all play important parts on different songs. I can’t talk about specific unifying sounds on this album, there’s a LOT to cover. With so many different influences and so many different genres they do, I can’t say much. It’s all done very well though. You won’t be disappointed if you decide to listen to them.

1. You Love Me
2. The Enemy Guns
3. No One Is Watching
4. Twenty-Six Temptations
5. How It Ends
6. Charlotte Mittnacht (The Fabulous Destiny of…)
7. We’re Leaving
8. Dearly Departed
9. Such a Lovely Thing
10. Too Tired
11. Viens Avec Moi
12. This Place Is Haunted
13. Lunnaya Pogonka
14. Reprise

Normally I would put Stand-out tracks here but it’s way too hard to decide what should go here. I couldn’t pick my three favorite tracks off the album. If you really want a feel of how different the album could be though, I’d say listen to How It Ends, Such a Lovely Thing, The Enemy Guns, and Dearly Departed.


2 Responses to “DeVotchKa – How It Ends”

  1. Just listened to this album today. My mind was blown. I have no idea why I put off listening to them.

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