The Residents – Duck Stab/Buster & Glen

Avant-garde; 1978


Alright here’s how this is gonna work. I’m not gonna review this album. You’re just gonna watch this video. Then you’re gonna be like LOLWUT and you’re gonna click the download link for more. Also, if you would leave a post describing your reaction to the video, I think it would be pretty funny.

1. Constantinople
2. Sinister Exaggerator
3. The Booker Tease
4. Blue Rosebuds
5. Laughing Song
6. Bach Is Dead
7. Elvis and His Boss
8. Lizard Lady
9. Semolina
10. Birthday Boy
11. Weight-Lifting Lulu
12. Krafty Cheese
13. Hello Skinny
14. The Electrocutioner

Stand-out tracks:
Krafty Cheese
Blue Rosebuds


3 Responses to “The Residents – Duck Stab/Buster & Glen”

  1. Infninite Thought Says:

    This Scares me

  2. Distance Equals Rape Times Crime Says:

    This is about anal sex

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