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Soundgarden – Telephantasm

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Alternative/Grunge; 2010


Grunge is an inferior genre of Rock that’s slightly above Crunkcore at the bottom of the Rock sub-genre totem pole. I got this album free with my pre-order of the new Guitar Hero (which, by the way, is amazing and go get it now). The only band that does the early Alternative/Grunge mix well is Jane’s Addiction, and since Soundgarden isn’t Jane’s Addiction, this isn’t done well. You can have it, I don’t want it. I’m just uploading it cuz I have no other use for it. The mediafire link is my own upload and I made sure to correct all the tags and add the album art. Hopefully that transfers over mediafire.

At least the cover art is cool. The CD will make a good frisbee.

1. Hunted Down
2. Hands All Over
3. Outshined
4. Rusty Cage
5. Birth Ritual
6. My Wave
7. Spoonman
8. Black Hole Sun
9. Feel on Black Days
10. Burden in My Hand
11. Blow Up the Outside World
12. Black Rain

Stand-out tracks:
lol jk


King Crimson – In the Court of the Crimson King

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Progressive Rock; 1969


I’ve been doing mostly stuff from 2000-present so I started off this post thinking about something I could from the 60’s or 70’s. I’ll probably have something a bit more obscure from those decades in my next couple posts since I’m sure most of the people reading this have probably heard this album but it’s still a mandatory post, especially for me since
1. King Crimson is my favorite band after Vampire Weekend and
2. This is obviously the greatest Rock album of all time.

The album is only 5 tracks long. The shortest is I Talk to the Wind at 6:07. The album opens with 21st Century Schizoid Man, a song that’s maybe more jazz fusion than it is Prog Rock. It has an unforgettable riff and the most frantic sax solo ever in between two middle sections. It then leads back into the opening riff which ends with a surprising outro then directly into the quiet, serene flutes of I Talk to the Wind. That track has some brilliant flute and guitar solos. Track 3, Epitaph,  is a Mellotron and guitar driven track with some crashing drums and the best lyrics on the album. It builds up into the best ending on the album, a fade out that allows the track to not have to end properly  as it would be nearly impossible to with that song. Moonchild is pretty much everyone’s least favorite song on the album. It’s 12 minutes of straight improv. And then The Court of the Crimson King is just all about the Mellotron. It’s a good finale.

If you haven’t heard this album, you’re not doing it right.

1. 21st Century Schizoid Man
2. I Talk to the Wind
3. Epitaph
4. Moonchild
5. The Court of the Crimson King

Stand-out tracks:
21st Century Schizoid Man
I Talk to the Wind


Anamanaguchi – Dawn Metropolis

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Chiptune; 2009


This is basically music you’d hear on an SNES game except not as repetitive and a little more fleshed-out. I probably can’t name more than three bands that play this sort of music but I’ve read that this one is unique for using live instrumentation (they have real guitarists and a real drummer) along with the hacked NES and Gameboy they use to make the stuff. They’ve said that their inspiration is more from Pop like Weezer than it is from video game music. I hear the Weezer, but I hear the video game music more. I’m OK with that.

Trying to listen to this without smiling is a task, it’s very loud and very happy and… exciting. There’s actually a video track to go along with the album that you can find on Youtube about a guy on an epic adventure. The music is appropriate. Lots of moments on the album sort of just build up to these big, amazing moments of like… chaotic, glorious, 8-bit noise. The entire album feels like it builds up to the final track, Mermaid, which is just a brilliant 8 minutes.

1. Blackout City
2. Jetpack Blues, Sunset Hues
3. Dawn Metropolis
4. Danger Moutain
5. Overarrow
6. Tempest, Teamwork, Triumph (At Sea)
7. Mermaid

Stand-out tracks:
Blackout City
Tempest, Teamwork, Triumph


Portal – Swarth

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Avant-garde/Blackened Death Metal; 2009


This is not for the faint of heart. Not even Confessor comes close to the amount of taste you have to acquire to enjoy this album. At first, it will sound like noise. It will. No matter how much Br00tal Kult Metal you listen to, you will have a hard time believing this is music. I know nothing about the guitar but I wouldn’t say this is the most complex stuff ever. It’s a lot of fast strumming random, disgusting chords. And disgusting is the only way I can describe some of the sounds on this album. The melodies are putrid. And there ARE melodies, you’ll find once you listen to this a couple times. They’re not very musical. This album actually bored me the first time I listened to it because all the songs sounded the same to me. I liked it as soon as I heard it, I just thought it was boring. But as I listened to it more, the songs started to gain their own identities. The drummer is just like LOL BLAST BEATS and he does a lot of that. When he pulls out some slower double bass, you’ll really feel it, particularly in the opening to Omenknow and somewhere in Writhen. I looked up the lyrics for the opening track. The first ‘verse’ goes:

“Hypertrophous Aperture
Deleterious Nucleate
Memetic Cacoethe”

Then I looked up all 6 of those words in the dictionary(.com) to see if any of it made any sense. Only half of them were in it (aperture, deleterious, and nucleate) . It’s safe to say most of the song is gibberish I think.

This album literally sounds like hell.

1. Swarth
2. Larvae
3. Illoomorpheme
4. The Swayy
5. Writhen
6. Omenknow
7. Werships
8. Marityme

Stand-out tracks:


Spose – Preposterously Dank

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Hip-Hop; 2008


Spose is a white rapper from Maine who just got picked up on a big record deal. There’s a good chance you’ve heard his song I’m Awesome on youtube, it has over 3 millions views. This album came out in 2008, before he was signed. The audio quality is just fine (actually really good for an unsigned act) but the production shows it a bit. Not to say it’s bad, it actually really fits him. Whoever produced this has a wannabe Dr. Dre thing going that doesn’t sound bad at all. Spose is a fantastic lyricist. His flow is great.

Are you tired of hearing self-aggrandizing (egocentric) rappers? Listen to Spose. He doesn’t give himself nearly enough credit. The first line of the hook of I’m Awesome goes “I’m Awesome… No you’re not dude, don’t lie.” Instead of rapping about making it rain, he raps about how broke he is. Instead of being at the club getting high, he raps about doing it at home alone. He raps about being single and watching softcore porn on youtube. He’s definitely not unoriginal. It’s safe to call him a comedy rapper, the way he rags on himself is pretty funny. I only hope he’s not that serious, he’s got massive skills. The album isn’t marked ENTIRELY by hilarious self pity though. He gets pretty serious too, the second half of this album seems to be a lot more heartfelt and personal. Definitely give it a listen. He’s not the only semi-new white rapper who seems to find his despair comedic but he’s easily the best I’ve heard.

1. Preposterously Dank
2. Fuck It
3. John Madden feat. Cam Groves
4. Drugs, Girls, Money, Liquor
5. Gobble a Dank
6. Under Control
7. God Damn
8. Just an Emcee II
9. To the Head
10. That’s That
11. Outro

Stand-out tracks:
John Madden
God Damn
Drugs, Girls, Money, Liquor


The Residents – Duck Stab/Buster & Glen

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Avant-garde; 1978


Alright here’s how this is gonna work. I’m not gonna review this album. You’re just gonna watch this video. Then you’re gonna be like LOLWUT and you’re gonna click the download link for more. Also, if you would leave a post describing your reaction to the video, I think it would be pretty funny.

1. Constantinople
2. Sinister Exaggerator
3. The Booker Tease
4. Blue Rosebuds
5. Laughing Song
6. Bach Is Dead
7. Elvis and His Boss
8. Lizard Lady
9. Semolina
10. Birthday Boy
11. Weight-Lifting Lulu
12. Krafty Cheese
13. Hello Skinny
14. The Electrocutioner

Stand-out tracks:
Krafty Cheese
Blue Rosebuds


What makes an artist “Good” or “Bad”?

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I’ve been pondering on this topic for days, I mean really… what makes an artist in generally good or bad? Some people say they think complexity makes a good artist but not everybody can be the Leila Kubba or Sylvia Plath of the music world. Others say music is generally based upon it’s entertainment values but I mean, as much as I love entertainment, even Bill Burr get annoying in a few hours. So my question is what exactly makes music technically “good” or “bad”? If you want, express your opinions in the comments.

My answer is probably going to differ from everyone else, mainly because I see the two parts complexity and entertainment borderline on the same terrain to me. I was raised around knowledgeable people (or so I believe) and I find complexity a part of the entertainment value. If you can maintain being complex and being entertaining at a stable rate while making music, you are doing a great job at making good music. Even I like Lil’ Wayne (pre-The Carter 3) but he’s only shock value for pure entertainment, it’s rare to ever hear him being complex. While rappers like Chino XL I enjoy the complexity and entertainment values from, despite his rep for only being a punchline artist he can maintain a serious song. Other musicians though, I like being simple, Miles Davis for example: He makes a smooth jazz record that’s simple to learn but the way he plays it is like no other (this is coming from a Trumpet player). So even some of the simplest forms of music I enjoy. In conclusion, the whole concept of music being “good” and “bad” in my opinion is all opinionated.