Good-bye for now

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It’s been over a year since I started this blog and I have almost 100 albums posted. When I started this blog I had just moved to Texas, and I wasn’t doing anything with my life except working a retail job and watching Dragon Ball Z in its entirety. Music kept me alive. I didn’t know anybody in Texas and I didn’t really have any ways to meet anyone. I wasn’t a big fan of the few people my age that I did meet. So I was lonely. I spent most of my time on the computer when I wasn’t working and when I was on the computer I was always listening to music and finding new music to download. The situation I was in was perfect for starting this blog. Music connected with me, and I wanted to share the feeling I got from certain bands, albums, songs, with whoever cared enough to read what I wrote.

I eventually got into APU and started in January. Last semester I had more free time so I was able to post about once a week at least. This semester is ridiculous. I’m SOOO busy. I’m making a point of having an easier semester next year. I’m taking 19 units right now, (9 classes) working a tech support job, playing more difficult solo piano pieces than I’ve ever played before, accompanying for our school’s Men’s Chorale (man choir), accompanying for other students, trying to find a girl to date cuz the last one ended badly, and so on. At the same time, I’m less lonely. I don’t need to write a post to have someone listen to something I’m listening to. I can just talk to them about it. I don’t need to occupy myself with faux-responsibilities on the internet I make to distract myself and spend my time pretending to be productive. I enjoyed making these posts once, now it’s more like I see the bookmark in my bookmarks bar and think “Dang, I haven’t posted in over 3 weeks, I should get to that, as much as I don’t want to.” It’s not fun anymore. So I’m ending it for now. I imagine I have enough stuff on here that anybody would’ve never heard of for anybody to stay busy with for a while. If you want music recommendations for a specific genre, I’ll still be around. Comment on a post or e-mail me at I’ll get it. But for now, I’m done posting. Maybe in the future I’ll need to start doing this again. Maybe over breaks I can put up a thing or two if I’m really psyched about an album I’m listening to. But good-bye for now.

NEW BUSDRIVER SINGLE – No Blacks, No Jews No Asians

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As a total copout for actually writing a new album post, which I still can’t find time for (you should see my schedule, it’s hell), I’m supplying you with the new Busdriver single. This, of course, implies that he has a new album on the way. As of now it’s titled “Beaus$Eros” and slated for a late February release. I’ve only listened to the song once but it sounds like Busdriver is as on as ever. The beat hits hard and each verse is still blazingly fast, it’ll take several listens at least to catch all the lyrics and then an undefined larger number to understand what the frik he’s talking about. Enjoy.

In case you were wondering

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I am, in fact, still alive. Just very busy. I’ll have a new album up as soon as possible. Probably Critical Meat by You Slut!

Howards Alias – The Chameleon Script

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 Ska Punk; 2002


I’ve been aware of this one for a while. It’s hard-hitting, fast Punk with heavy trumpet riffs that’ll have you banging your head REAL low. It’s lyrics you can (or I can at least) connect with in just about every song. They formed in 1999, as part of an underground UK scene that I’ve heard a couple other bands from and they’re always good. Always. They went until 2008, this is their debut album. I actually haven’t listened to their newer three albums, but I think I heard excerpts from the second and didn’t like it as much. Anyway, this is mind-blowing stuff. The album opens with Rob Wants You Dead, one of my favorites on the album, but every song is high-quality. This isn’t an album where the first three tracks are best then it falls off. In fact, the last two are two of my favorites as well, and with songs like You and The Anti-Life somewhere in between, this is one of the easiest albums I know of to listen to all in one go.

Ska Punk is a genre that I can say I’ve never heard a bad band in. And among all those good bands, Howards Alias really does stand out. Like all Ska Punk, this album is about the riffs. Listen to what the trumpets do in each song. It’s simple but always entertaining.

1. Rob Wants You Dead
2. The Temptress Tales
3. Exile
4. Head-Up
5. The Anti-Life
6. One Wish
7. Last Lung
8. You
9. Doreen
10. Abrade
11. One to One

Stand-out tracks:
Rob Wants You Dead
One to One


Pretend – Bones in the Soil, Rust in the Oil

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 2009; Post-rock / Math Rock


I surprise myself when I don’t talk about my life on this blog. I mean that’s the whole idea for blogging right? A public journal (there’s a paradox there. This concept is inherently wrong) to permanently document whatever thoughts I find important. Maybe this just means most of the thoughts I find important are about music. That’s probably accurate on a lot of levels. But. Here’s a little about me. I’m a piano performance major at APU, a private, Christian college in Southern California. I’ve been absent the past two weeks cuz school just got into full swing again and I’m working on finding that delicate balance that allows me time to listen to new music in between playing piano for what should be a minimum of 6 hours a day, being over my unit limit, around 9 hours of work a week, accompanying for the Men’s Chorale (Man Choir) here, homework, and maintaining relationships with people.

This is mood music. My Friday evening consisted of hanging out with my kind of ex and some really close friends. I’m a little still in love. Or maybe a lot. I have no idea. Like at all. I was unfortunate enough to be at her place when her new boyfriend came in. I hung out for a bit and it wasn’t like awkward but I was hurt. And so I left a bit later and came back to my place to wallow in despair a little bit. My Friday night is shot. Only jangly guitars and lengthy instrumentals are worth listening to. So I came here. To a band I found less than a week ago. A combination of Post-rock and Math, but mostly Post. There’s vocals, surprisingly. Math Rock rarely has vocals and Post-rock rarely has vocals so a combination of the two shouldn’t. But it does. And they’re great. I’m listening through this for only my second time so I can’t tell you which songs they appear in and which are entirely instrumental, right now I only remember them in Track 2. But I’m still on Track 2 so… yeah. My first playthrough of this album, I stopped around 6, because jangly guitars and harmonies worth crying over do get tedious, unfortunately, especially if the guitars jangle and sparkle at the same tone, which they do here. Also it’s pretty long. But it’s beautiful. I expect that if I wasn’t gonna go to bed as soon as I finish writing this, I’d be able to listen to it all since I’m in the right mood. My first listen I was playing Halo and it just wasn’t the perfect backdrop. Oh. Track 3 opens with some vocals. This album has really good drumming. I wish their bass was a little louder cuz there’s some good bass lines.

If you were just in the same room as the girl you love(d) and you got to watch her and her new boyfriend cuddle during Star Wars Episode 2, this is the album for you. Otherwise, listen to it anyway. It might seem uplifting if you listen to it with ears that want to hear that.

1. Two-Too High
2. Bones in the Soil, Rust in the Oil
3. Alive in the Tone
4. Those Luminous Noises Are God
5. Legs to Walk Us, to Drop Us
6. Holy Destination
7. Dream Shiver
8. Flairs
9. Guided Spirits – Guilded Souls
10. Spiral Born Black into the Upwards Night

Stand-out tracks:
Bones in the Soil, Rust in the Oil
Those Luminous Noises Are God
Holy Destination


Béla Fleck and the Flecktones – Little Worlds

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 Jazz Fusion; 2003


In this you get three discs, two with ten songs and the third with nine. Mr. Fleck is the first name that comes to anyone’s mind when the jazz banjo scene is a topic of discussion. He is a master of the craft. Jeff Coffin plays every wind instrument that matters and quite a few more that don’t. Future Man (that’s not his real name, in case you were wondering) plays drums on his invention: the synth-axe drumitar (youtube it). And VIctor Wooten is an electric bass virtuoso. He’s in another band, SMV, which is him and two other bass virtuosos shredding on their electric basses all at the same time. It’s pretty cool. So when you get a bunch of dudes who are too good at very unnecessary things, you know critics are gonna pan it for elitism. And maybe it is elitist, considering it’s a 29-song album that runs over two and a half hours. But who cares? They called King Crimson and Yes and Emerson, Lake, & Palmer elitist. Jazz as an idea is elitist. Jazz exists for performers to show off their technical skill. These guys have a TON of technical skill. Like ridiculous amounts. So listen as these guys all make it painfully clear that they’re better than you at life. And enjoy all of it.

Disc One:
1. Bil Mon
2. The Ballad of Jed Clampett feat. Bobby McFerrin & Sam Bush
3. Puffy
4. New Math
5. Longitude
6. Latitude
7. Centrifuge feat. Derek Trucks
8. Off the Top (The Gravity Wheel) feat. Nickel Creek
9. Off the Top (Line Dance) feat. Nickel Creek
10. Follow the Line

Disc Two:
1. The Fjords of Oslo
2. Sherpa
3. What It Is feat. Bobby McFerrin
4. The Leaning Tower feat. Bobby McFerrin & The Chieftains
5. Mudslingers of the Milky Way
6. Captive Delusions feat. Brandon Marsalis
7. Costa Brava
8. Poindexter
9. Prequel
10. Return of the Mudslinders feat. Brandon Marsalis

Disc Three:
1. The Cave
2. Next
3. Pineapple Heart feat. Derek Trucks & Sam Bush
4. Snatchin’
5. Reminiscence
6. Sleeper feat. Bobby McFerrin
7. Flunky
8. The Last Jam feat. Derek Trucks, Jerry Douglas, & Bernie Williams
9. Untitled

Stand-out tracks:
Bil Mon
Costa Brava



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I just bought this beauty for $240. I’m in love. Just thought I’d let you know.